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March 26, 2017, 12:56 pm

From Marbella’s old town, to the lively Arabella promenade in Al Bida’a, visitors will surely be impressed with Torero, Spanish restaurant and Churreria. With an armor of expertly trained Spanish head chefs, along with Marbella’s most prized Churrero, Torero offers a much-desired break from other dining concepts. As far as Spanish cuisine is concerned, tapas, also known as small plates, are always the best way to go when dining in a group. Move on to one of Torero’s Spit Roasts, or Al Espeto Malagueño, slowly barbecued cuts of beef, chicken or lamb on burning coals, a classic that hails from Malaga beach, or traditional Paellas. The Chocolate Bomba for dessert is not to be missed!

Popular dish: Slow roasted lamb shoulder served with honey and potato gratin
Location: Arabella, Al Bida’a. Call 9494 5904.

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