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Topping ideas for chocolate ice cream
June 15, 2014, 12:24 pm

Take your chocolate ice cream up a notch by adding fun and unique toppings. These topping ideas are perfect for an ice cream sundae bar, treats for your family or just something delicious after a long day of work.

Fruits: Chocolate-covered cherries are amazing, so for an absolutely tasty treat, cover your chocolate ice cream with homemade cherry sauce. Cherries and strawberries are two of favorite fruits to combine with chocolate, but there are many unique options that are great as well. Add some diced kiwi, pineapple or mango to your chocolate ice cream for a tropical feel. Raspberries are a great too either whole or as a sauce. Be creative, because most fruits pair well with chocolate.

Chocolate:  What’s better than chocolate? Double chocolate, of course! Topping your ice cream with hot fudge, chocolate chips or crumbled cookies will give you an extra hit of chocolate goodness. You can even give your favorite candy bars a rough chop and use them as a topping. A great way to pair chocolates is to use two different types; if your ice cream is made with rich, dark chocolate, try pairing it with milk or white chocolate chips.

Nuts:  Nuts are always a popular choice for ice cream toppings because they bring a little extra texture to the creaminess. Roughly chopped peanuts or almonds taste amazing with ice cream, but you can go with any kind of nuts you like. Lightly toast nuts in the oven or in a large skillet before you eat them. Toasting will intensify the flavor and give them a little extra crunch when you enjoy them with ice cream.

Marshmallows:  Speaking of nuts, add some almonds and mini marshmallows and you have your own homemade rocky road ice cream. You can mix them into your finished ice cream or just pile them on top. Even without the nuts, marshmallows and chocolate are the perfect combination.

Fresh whipped cream and caramel sauce: No matter what kinds of ice cream you are having, whipped cream always makes a perfect topping. Make your own homemade whipped cream instead of purchasing it from the store. You can sweeten it the way you like, which will make it perfect. A dark, rich caramel sauce is sweet, creamy and a little bitter in the perfect way. Dousing it on your chocolate ice cream will give you a super rich dessert. Many of the best chocolate ice cream brands use the combination, so translate your favorite choices to your sundaes.

While a great bowl of chocolate ice cream can be perfect on its own, these topping ideas will take them up another notch. Try one or start combining them for the perfect homemade ice cream sundae, with all the unique fixings that you can think of and relish the burst of flavours!

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