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Top nail trends
January 28, 2018, 4:47 pm

Everyone is detoxing, making healthier food choices, hitting the gym and even revamping their makeup routine. But are you upgrading your nail choices, too? Sure, everyone still loves half moons, negative space and pretty pastel colors, but isn’t it high time you gave your digits a fresh look for 2018?

Here are a few must-have looks to dive into.

Black accents:  The cool thing about accent nails is that you don't need a design on every finger. Try adding black accents on all ten nails or compliment one or two. It can be tricky incorporating black accents to nails; a base of silver or gold will always work, but to go bolder and more exciting, use with light, bright colors such as pink or coral. Alternatively, pair black accents with a nude or neutral color to make it pop in a subtle way.

Glittered tips:  French tips are so 1990, but when paired with glitter, the look is instantly upgraded. The best way to wear glitter is over dark colors. Apply the glitter sideways or in a diagonal on half the nail or, in a French style. To set off an amazing look for work or evening, go with a pink or nude in the grey/brown family and then apply glitter and/or rhinestones on top. It’s a fun way to rock a low-key exciting look.

Marbled nails: White marbled nails are the latest manicure trend appearing on the fingertips of women around the world. Inspired by the sophisticated look of white marble, this manicure takes this same white, black and gray free-form pattern and puts it on your nails. The marbling technique in nail art is done by adding nail polish into a bowl of water and slightly swirling the colors around, so that when you dip your fingers in it, you end up with a very cool-looking marble effect on your nails!. It’s much easier than it sounds, honestly. Mix soft colors like pink and white together, or try a swirl of periwinkle shades for when you’re feeling buoyant. Gain inspiration from desserts, by etching a combination of browns, beige and white on your nails that are reminiscent of tiramisu.

Color blocking: There doesn’t ever need to be a reason to brighten up your nail color palette, but achieving a kick-a color block manicure is totally one of them. Geometric nail art benefits from a range of vibrant colors and the varying combinations are a fun way to express yourself. You can attempt a super cool take by sticking to tiny squares of polish against a white nail background that act as a technicolor stripe, which is insanely eye-catching. Try this style in a gradient or in repeating colors, too. Or, go for a bold color block look that has a slight asymmetry, which keeps the nail art interesting. Maybe you would rather play around with shine by introducing a sparkling silver striping tape to your dreamy pastel color block tips. 

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