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Tips to remove excess makeup
April 26, 2015, 1:35 pm

Sometimes fashionistas end up being a little too generous with their makeup and even hair care products. Putting on too much makeup happens, and you usually know you did when you look in the mirror and you are not happy with the result. You can check out these tips to get your makeup back to what you intended for it to look like.

An abundance of blush:  A subdued flush is usually the desired outcome, not two well defined shapes, whether they be circles, squares, or so on, sitting on your cheeks. If you put on too much cream blush, the solution is simple - blend. Cream blush is rather user-friendly, as all you really need to do when you get down to it, is use your fingers to distribute the pigment at an angle on the apples of your cheeks. Keeping blending out and up to distribute the product.

If you can’t get the color to fade to your liking, using the remnants of your foundation brush could help. Take that brush, and lightly pass it over your skin where the color is just too severe. Keep the consistencies in the same family, so if your blush is cream, go for what remains of a cream or liquid foundation.

Excess Eyeliner:  Drawing on your top liner too thick doesn’t mean you have to settle for a stripe-y look. Using a makeup remover pen will allow you to trace the line, making it thinner with precision. You can also dip a Q-tip in some makeup remover to clean up the line, too.

Another option, but not exactly a fix if you were really craving some dramatic top liner, is to smudge in that line with a brush or your finger to create a smokey eye look. The excess of liner should distribute over your lid.

Heavy eyeshadow and brows:  A solution to heavy hands with a darker pigment is to blend in lighter shades, subduing the original shade. This works if color is the main issue. If not, you could grab a small removal pad to take off the product to start over again. The same goes for brows; lighten up brows that are just a tad too dark and dramatic for your hair color with taupe shades layered on top. Blending will also help you distribute an excess of powder or gel.

Thick mascara: To help remove globs of mascara from your lashes without smearing them all over your skin, take a disposable mascara spoolie that doesn’t have product on it and run it through your lashes. This should pick up the chunks you don’t want.

Another option is to invest in a lash comb that is shaped to fit over your lashes, similar to a lash curler, and consists of tiny metal bristles placed closely next to one another. All you need to do is brush it through your lashes, from near the root to the tip so that it can pick up product and separate lashes stuck together. This saves you the aggravation of taking off mascara completely, only to reapply 10 minutes later.


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