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Time-saving eyeliner tips
October 6, 2016, 2:20 pm

Eyeliner is one of those beauty staples that can be tricky to perform when you are strapped for time, as a rushed application can cause accidental injuries or make those flicks and wings look noticeably messy.

You don’t have to leave those liner pens when you are rushing out the door, you can create a sizzling liner look even if you only have five minutes to spare.

To leave the droopy lines and raccoon eyes in the past, here are some tips on eyeliner application that won’t throw a wrench in your morning routine.

Go smoky:  If you’re not exactly dexterous with eyeliner and you don’t have time to create a super-straight cat eye, don’t worry. You can still add definition to your eyes, sans the struggle. Swipe a line across your upper and lower lash line using kohl liner—and don’t worry about your application being far from perfect. Use eyeliner as a base on the lid for shadow by simply applying it and smudging it with your finger like a cream eyeshadow.

Use a lining tool:  If you are determined to get sharp, semi-perfect winged liner in the morning, but only have minutes to spare, get a little scrappy with your application. Pick up a tool like a business card or Scotch tape to hold against the outer corner and create a quick wing.

Trace with eyeliner marker:  Quick and easy eyeliner is all in the tools you are using. When you are rushing in the morning, you don’t always have time to fiddle and play with cream eyeliner tubs and their respective brushes. You need a tool that will allow for the easiest application possible, and a marker is the right tool to help you.

The stamping method:  If a business card or scotch tape seems a bit intimidating, the stamping method allows you to get that cat's-eye look without the messy complications. Simply stamp your liner across your lid in small dots, then trace.

Don’t be afraid of shimmer: Shimmering eyeliner may be too bold for everyday wear, but it can give your eyes a boost when you are low on shuteye. To give your peepers a brighter appearance, use a shimmering nude shade to give your eyes a well-rested appearance.

Flip the script:  Flying out the door, but adamant about rocking a fresh look? There is a surprisingly simple way to do so:  Line the bottom of the eye under the lashline and apply mascara on the top for a reverse eyeliner look that is modern and quick. 



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