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Time management skills
August 16, 2015, 12:52 pm

Management of time is one of top skills that people need to master in order to achieve success. Women in particular, with their myriad of responsibilities, need to be fully attuned to efficient time management. Here are some of ways to achieve mastery over the limited time at your disposal.

 Trust: Hire people with a proven track record of getting things done and done well. Sure, if your buddy from high school is a powerhouse, hire him, but if your son-in-law cannot be trusted with a company credit card, do not hire him.

Communicate: Create a method of communication that is clear, that is to the point, and that can be accomplished without a meeting such as a Wiki or project management system. Communicate through the message board on the wiki or project management system instead of in person and at meetings. This will avoid the general chit-chat that can happen during in person or telephone calls.

 Responsibility: Create deadlines that are unambiguous, with time-sensitive tasks to be accomplished along the way and hold those responsible accountable. Rewarding time well spent is more important than punishing people who are late or underperform. Punishment and guilt only work when those you have hired care about their work and the company bottom line. So place your emphasis on the behavior you desire rather than dealing with behaviors that do not do not help your company bottom line.

Teamwork: Create an environment that values teamwork and mutual respect by allowing team members to work together without your oversight or permission. By encouraging team members to share valuable information openly about any project, you will create a strong team that will produce high-quality work.

Respect: If you have hired the right people for the job, let them do the job you hired them to do. Do not attempt to micromanage; it is fine during meetings and on project management systems to question each other about the why, what, who, and by when – but it should be done with respect and for the purpose of bringing out the best in everyone. The best workforce effort will always improve the company bottom line.

Cooperation: Before each meeting agree to stick to a written and focused agenda. Place the agenda on the project management system or Wiki for each member of the team to add to before the meeting. Do not allow last-minute additions during the meeting.

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