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Tie this season's on-trend Scarves
November 17, 2014, 1:14 pm

There are many ways to tie a scarf. However, the best kinds of tying styles are easy enough to do without a mirror, fool-proof enough to look good no matter how haphazardly accomplished, and specific enough to show off your scarf's signature details. Just as there's a rainbow of different scarves on the racks, there are myriad ways to tie them — learn how to execute a few favorites here.

The Fringed Scarf: If you just do a simple loop around your neck, all the lovely, long fringe will look like a painter's brush, which is a whole lot more poetic-sounding than it is artful, aesthetically. Opt for a shoulder drape that lets you go for maximum fringe display.

It is simple; fold the scarf in half diagonally, or if it's rectangular-shaped, fold it in half the short way first, and then diagonally, as best you can. Tie two corners together around your neck, bandana-style. Tied this way, the scarf lies flat against your chest and high up your neck, which makes it a great match-up to those shawl- and blazer-style coats that don't fasten all the way up.

The Faux-Fur Rope: These boa constrictor-like scarves made in candy-colored fuzz are so popular right now. They are warm and snuggly, but getting too twist-happy can make you look like a muppet.

That's why you should treat the scarf as a sash and just drape it loosely around your neck. Criss cross it in front once and secure with a brooch if you need some extra warmth. These scarves look great with short, tough-looking jackets or classic coats with wide lapels.

The Knit Scarf: There is never going to be a winter where this accessory is out of style. To look like a fashion girl and not like a caroler, though, requires some wrap work. This scarf should be loose enough that you can bury your face into it, but not so loose that you're constantly fidgeting with runaway ends.

The Bandanna Scarf: Made of cut fabric, but bigger than a hankie, a bandanna scarf typically features a fun print that you should try to show off. To wear it the fashion-forward way, roughly fold the bandanna in half, diagonally, and bring each end around the back of your neck and loop back around. You should have the tip of the triangle pointing at your belly button and the ends laying on either side. To keep it secure, you could either tie a knot underneath or over the main swath, but we like the look of it untied.

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