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Thumbprint eyeliner
October 24, 2017, 2:19 pm

Meet thumbprint eyeliner: 2017’s edgy spin on the classic cat eye. The updated shape does away with the stress of creating that perfect, precise flick since it’s rounded at the end, mimicking the shape of your thumb.  There have been versions spotted on Selena Gomez and Lady Gaga.

Instead of stressing about achieving perfectly even liner wings like you would for a traditional style, embrace the fact that the thumbprint trend is more user-friendly. The thicker, curved vibe of this new look can effortlessly be created with your finger. It’s graphic, cool, slightly edgy, and imperfect — here’s how to get the thumbprint eyeliner look.

Ditch your liquid eyeliner and go with shadows, gels, and brushes: The look requires a slightly messy touch, so ditch precision eyeliner pens in favor of tools like a rounded eye brush and gel eyeliner or seriously pigmented eye shadow. Be ready to wet your brush before applying the shadow in order to make it inky and be able to manipulate it just right.

Apply primer and eye shadow: The first step to ensuring your thumbprint eyeliner will stay safely in place is to apply a layer of shadow primer, which prevents colors from fading, slipping, and melting by lunchtime. Next, brush on a light, neutral shade below your brow bone and the inner corner of your eye to make your eye color pop. When it comes to your crease shadow shade, the sky is the limit. Feel free to experiment and work in any shade you desire — thumbprint eyeliner will be the real star here, so you can choose whether you want it to stand out against a neutral background or look even more dramatic paired with jewel or copper-shaded lids. There’s no wrong move here.

Eye stencils are your friend: Dip your round brush in water until it’s damp, work the bristles into a gorgeous, deep shadow, and sweep the color along your top lashes as if you were making a cat eye. If your hand isn’t particularly steady with a brush, no worries: there are a number of eye stencils on the market that adhere to your lids and provide a fool-proof guide for you to follow. When creating this eyeliner trend, try to find a stencil with a rounded curve at the edge — we aren’t going for a perfectly straight line this time around.

Smudge and keep smudging: Using your finger or a brush, drag the color up and outward past the corner of your eye, smudge it until it’s imperfectly gorgeous, and don’t be afraid to flatten it slightly with your pinky to create an enviable thumbprint. You can even apply a bit of gloss to your liner, which will help you nail this slick, sleek look.

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