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Thrilling annual picnic of Smart Indian School
December 1, 2016, 1:32 pm

The most awaited day of the year, yes the class picnic…..The young boys and girls together with their dynamic teachers were more than excited to go to a picnic paradise. Our paradise this year was the Shaa'b Park.

Our day commenced with the morning assembly, where the teachers hoped for us to have fun. The ride that followed had us singing songs until we reached the park. The park had a lot of excitement stored for us in the form of rides such as the dinosaur, ferries wheel, bumper cars or dodgems, octopus and many more.

The Dinosaur ride was similar to a train inside a chilling cave, filled with different types of dinosaurs such as the triceratops and tyrannosaurus rex. The dim lights added to the eerie atmosphere.

The ferries wheel was exciting until we reached the top. 

The bumper cars or dodgems was a car ride in which one had to drive the car in an area with other drivers. They had bumps covered around their wheel side so that they could bump into each other instead of crashing in.

Kids of all ages found the octopus most satisfying and thrilling. Here, they had to be seated in the four tentacles consisting of four smaller holders.

The disco ride had chairs placed in a circle. In the center were diffent colours. Only seniors were allowed it as it was a dangerous ride. 

Overall, the young energetic and smarter boys and girls had a lot of fun. We took a lot of group photos and ate what we desired.

We felt sad leaving that paradise as it is was the only place we could dream of revisiting. The teachers convinced us of returning home safe and we left.

It was a great day for students and teachers as it strengthened the bond between us.

Report by

Student Reporter Asad Abdullah 7Cbse i

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