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Three new delicious flavors from Naif Chicken restaurants
December 27, 2016, 1:38 pm

Naif Chicken is exclusively offering three delicious new dishes infused with rich flavors gathered from all over the world. Naif Chicken restaurant emphasizes its willingness to provide amazing new items regularly to its loyal customers and as such has special items on offer. Naif Foods Company and the owner of Naif Chicken restaurant is pleased to present three different delicious and tasty dishes - Saffron taste of rice, Multi taste and Happy Chicken.

Happy Chicken – prepared from 100 % boneless pure chicken cuts and fried into a crunchy and golden brown perfection. Topped with mayonnaise and ketchup. For Adults as well as Kids to enjoy. Certainly a fun meal.

II.Three varieties of Flavored Rice

Saffron Rice – prepared from the best basmati rice from all over the world with saffron and special spices, with a side of red sauce for additional taste.

Multi Taste Rice – Naif Chicken offers delicious plates of multi taste rice flavored with saffron and special spices. The dish is accompanied by pure grilled pieces, and topped with fresh grilled vegetables such as green bell peppers, carrots, onions and mushrooms.  Experience a savory taste with every bite. Meals are available in Normal and Spicy offered with Pepsi.

Rice with fried Chicken pieces – Naif Chicken offers delicious plates of Saffron rice with the addition of crunchy Chicken pieces prepared from fresh boneless chicken available in normal and spicy along with Pepsi.

Giant Multi Taste Sandwich– A delectable dish with generous fillings in a Multi taste sandwich. The sandwich contains a fresh mix of grilled chicken pieces and an array of grilled vegetables such as green bell peppers, carrots, onions and mushrooms. Available in Normal and Spicy.

  • Muti taste Sandwich – packed with different kinds of flavors, it is delicious and fulfilling at same time.

Naif Chicken Restaurant History

The company has been around since the 1960’s and they are known for sourcing fresh chicken from the local farms in Kuwait. Naif Chickens are fed with organic foods that give them their authentic taste especially from Naif.

Customers may contact or Call Center 1808777 for deliveries.

Why Naif is delicious?

Raw Ingredients: Quality – Naif food Company is known for using the best quality raw materials from the best suppliers all over the world. Chickens slaughtered in Naif farms are considered Halal in accordance with Islamic rights. The brand also follows the international standard of quality or ISO. And the vegetables are carefully selected from the best of suppliers.

Authentic Taste:  Special recipes are used to prepare Naif chicken dishes which was created by professionals and approved by their Quality Control Committee. The dishes are cooked by professional employees and well trained staff. The fresh chicken are cut and spiced and placed in a vacuum plastic to preserve the quality. The methods follow international quality standards. The final product are immediately picked up by a refrigerated container van and delivered daily straight to the various outlets.  

Naif as Environmental friendly: Naif chicken restaurant has successfully started replaced its usual packing methods with environmental packing to protect the environment from pollution. It continuously reaches 100 percent environmental packing as a long term strategy in spending efforts.

Naif Restaurants Branches: Naif chicken restaurant is strategic locations all over Kuwait. And offers delivery service in all Kuwait areas. You can enjoy the delicious taste of Naif meals by visiting the nearest naïf outlets+ or by contacting call center 1808777 to enjoy home delivery.

The Menu: Naïf chicken menu offers a wide variety of choices from grilled chickens, fried    chickens and sandwiches. In addition to appetizers and side items to satisfy everyone’s different tastes and to gather all the family in one table.

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