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Three Filipinos reported dead, alleged to be cases of murder and suicide
January 13, 2018, 3:40 pm

In two separate incidents, in the months of December and January 2018, three Philippine nationals working in Kuwait were reported dead to the embassy, two allegedly were murdered and the other committed suicide. Families of the victims back in the Philippines appealed to the authorities in Kuwait and to the Philippine Embassy to closely monitor and speed up and for the speedy repatriation of their remains.

In late December of 2017, a case was reported to the Philippine Embassy regarding two Filipinos, Patrick Sunga who worked for a car company and Arlene Manzano, a salon worker in Bneid Al Ghar. In early reports, Sunga alleged stabbed and slashed the neck of Manzano allegedly overcome by jealousy. Manzano who is married with three kids in the Philippines arrived in Kuwait as house helper but later changed her work status to 18 Visa.

In an exclusive interview with The Times Kuwait, Tessa Sunga, the mother of Sunga, said she was shocked to hear of the incident, as her son had been in a close relationship with Manzano for many months “After the incident, my son’s personal belongings were sent to us in the Philippines by a co-worker of Manzano. Among the belongings we found his tablet computer which had recordings of all the conversations between my son and Manzano. “My family is grief-stricken and is angry at how Manzano treated him, which probably led him to commit the crime,” stated Tessa Sunga. Sunga’s mother also said that co-workers of Manzano told her how her son’s kindness and generosity were admirable and how they were saddened by the death. Screenshots of the conversations were sent to attest to her statements.

However, Sunga questioned as to how her son could have committed the crime when his body had been found with deep wounds in the neck and stomach, and multiple bruises as reported in death certificate, and then he had enough strength to jump off the 7th floor building with intention to commit suicide. The crime also occurred in the lodging of Manzano. “I appeal to the Philippine Embassy in Kuwait to speed up the process of repatriating the remains and they should also communicate with us as to the status of the case,” added Sunga.

In a separate incident, a house helper Marife Librada was found hanging in one of the rooms of her employer. Prior to her alleged suicide, Librada had posted a series of messages in her Facebook stating her depression and homesickness. Librada is the sister of a famous Philippine comedian Tekla, who appeared on Philippine television questioning the case and considering it to be murder. Tekla claimed that prior to her death, Librada mentioned to him that she has been suffering maltreatment from her employer but did not pay attention to her complaints.

Philippine Vice Consul Charleson Hermosura told The Times Kuwait that in case of deaths involving sickness or other natural causes the remains can be repatriated in a week, but in deaths that involve crimes, it takes quite a while because investigations have to be completed and the necessary clearances to repatriate the bodies have to be obtained from the forensic and crime departments of the Ministry of Interior of Kuwait. We ask for considerations from the families as the decision is not in our hands; we work closely with Kuwait authorities so processes can be finished quickly and the remains sent home at the earliest. We extend our condolences to the families and assure them we are doing our best to resolve these cases,” stated Vice Consul Hermosura.  

Ricky Laxa
Staff Writer


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