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Things to stop doing to your nails
March 5, 2017, 5:18 pm

You never pass up an opportunity to do incredible nail art, and there are so many amazing manicures to choose from that will 100 percent get you in a great mood. However, while you are enjoying your manicures, you also do certain things that hurt your nail health.

Perhaps you are now determined to stop biting your nails or peeling off your gel polish. Or maybe you just want to maintain your nail health or learn how to fake a just-from-the-salon type of mani. Here are a few things you need to stop doing to your nails now to keep them in tip top shape.

Stop using your other nails as chisels to chip off your nail polish:  Anytime you purposely chip the paint off of your nails (whether it’s a nervous habit or you’re just finally over that burgundy lacquer), you chip away microscopic layers from your nail bed. This is bad for two reasons: 1) it gives your nail a rough texture even if you can’t see it with your naked eye, and 2) you can cause trauma to, and even chip or break the tip, of the nail that you’re using as the chisel. So, to keep from hacking away at your nail polish, keep individually wrapped nail polish remover pads in your purse or pick up a nail polish removing formula that takes lacquer off in seconds.

Stop getting water-based manicures:  When you soak your fingertips in water to soften your cuticles, your nail expands. This normally wouldn’t be a problem, however, if you are applying polish before it shrinks back down, your lacquer will likely chip faster.” Rather than soaking your tips in water, apply oil or a cuticle removing formula on the skin around your nail bed, pushing back your cuticles with an orange stick, and then sweeping them away with a tissue.

Stop getting acrylics:  Bottom line: acrylics are really bad for your nail’s health. Not only is the formula super-drying, because it’s actually suffocating to your nail bed, the application process can also cause indentations on your tips from all of the rough prep that needs to be done by the nail tech to get the acrylic to adhere to your nails. If you want to take your nail lengths to the next level while also keeping health risks at bay, try press-ons. They are way less traumatizing to the nail — and you can do them yourself.

Stop painting over oily nails: Sure, you want your nails and the skin surrounding your tips to be hydrated and hangnail-free, but applying polish over oily nail beds isn’t going to leave you with a longest-lasting manicure. You want to start with the driest nails possible. After you have done all of the steps — gently filed your nails, safely removed your cuticles, and moisturized your hands with oil or lotion — wipe only your nail beds down with a nail polish remover wipe (or dip a cotton swab into some remover and clear away any oil that way. Then, start with your base coat, add polish, and finish with top coat.

Stop painting on thick layers of polish:  Coating on a lot of layers means you will literally be watching paint dry on your fingertips for the next couple of hours, because they will take longer to fully harden. Plus, too many layers means your application could end up looking bubbly or uneven rather than smooth. To make sure your mani comes out looking professional, stick to two coats and allow proper drying time in between each one.

If you wait for the paint to dry in between coats, it allows all of the air to escape the formula and really seals the lacquer on your nail before the application of the next coat. This is the secret to a professional, long-lasting manicure. Another fool-proof trick to a flawless paint job: starting with your pinky finger on your left and working toward the opposite pinky finger; when you land at your right hand’s pinky nail, it’s safe to begin the second coat on your left hand.




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