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They Draw & Cook
October 28, 2014, 10:48 am

The mere thought of a favorite dish makes our tongues start to release secretive juices and the whole body goes into a chain reaction until the adamant hunger demons are fed. A potato can be boiled, mashed, thrown into a plate and eaten; but no, thanks to our avaricious tongues, there are more than hundreds of ways in which potato, one of the blandest of foods can be presented and eaten.

When food cannot be bland, then how can recipes be? As opposed to the text-heavy format for recipes we are all used to, the sensory nerves tend to fall prey very easily for visual appeals and effects. It is all about expression now. There are countless individuals in this world who love to cook. There are also copious amounts of doodlers out there. Once in a while, a magical intersection of two such groups occurs, and luckily for them, and more so, for us, a venue exists to celebrate the fusion of the two at expressing everything food.

'They Draw & Cook' is essentially a recipe site that features cuisines from around the world, but its beautiful differentiation is that all the recipes are illustrated. The illustrated approach challenges foodies to not simply detail the process of cooking a dish, but also tell a story about that dish: its origins, its ingredients, and perhaps even the feelings and memories that come about when smelling them. Explore such irresistible recipes by doodler artists, made even more tempting that you could almost soak yourself in the mood of it, and then straight away head to your kitchen to pay attention to your palate.

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