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There will be no third World War on water
June 2, 2013, 3:13 pm

He can easily pass off as a philosopher or an intellectual who can speak on a wide range of topics – poetry to Sufism and abstract mode of life.  From Rumi to Ghalib and from the transcendental facets of life to the scriptures, he can speak for hours giving some rare insights.

 But Moturi Krishna Prasad the owner of Trident Genentech is a bio scientist of great repute having patented various strains of microbes’ world wide.  Last month, in a small village in coastal Andhra Pradesh in India, he organized the Global Demonstration of his breathtaking technology that desalinates sea water producing a series of organic byproducts.  He is an inventor of many herbal medicines that are organic in nature.

For more than two decades Krishna Prasad is working on water treatment with Government and Private sector.  He is also a trainer in managerial skill and author of many books.

Recently Krishna Prasad was in Kuwait along with his Director Shehla Faizee and discussed various key issues with The Times regarding his research and how it will change the process of desalination using organic means in times to come.   “The global demo in Andhra was a cumulative result of my eight years of research, hundreds of lab tests conducted in India and Switzerland, designing the demo plant and then again a series of test to confirm the finding”.

It was during his association with Tata Steel that he hit upon the idea of reducing total dissolved solid (TDS) in the iron infested water at the plant.  “I could see that organic microbes would reduce the TDS in the water through their enzymatic reaction”

The finding led Krishna Prasad to work on the microbes, developing new strains and it was here that he discovered two of them named Triton and Poseidon.  “I developed them through aerobic method unlike in the past when it was produced through aerobic means”.

The results as Krishna Prasad was gratifying and years of research on water purification led him to research with sea water.  “We worked extensively with the Swiss lab and every time the finding was matching our statistics” It was after this extensive research that he eventually decided to give a global demo at a glittering function.

At the demo, he made the dignitaries drink water desalinated from sea and also exhibited the flames that emanated from the gas produced in the sludge.

The sea water after enzymatic reaction with the microbes reduces the TDS, making it potable and safe for drinking purposes and the sludge is used to produce gas, urea and sodium crystals with purity above 70 percent.  After the whole process is over the remaining sludge gets solidify as briquettes which has an astounding calorific values of 7860, higher than coal.

“I was really tense at the Global demo as we have had Ambassadors from various countries, foreign journalists, various top leading scientists besides several VIPs from the country”  As the button was pressed, the whole process initiated in front of the dignitaries and it was right on the dot.  Many of them tasted the water and saw the gas when it was ignited.

“I was happy at the finding more so because I was confident that there would be no third world war for water”.

Apart from sea water, Krishna Prasad also has plans to treat water table in various parts of India where chemical contents are higher and to treat the waste water and effluent from industries to save the environment.  “My concern is environment and too much use of inorganic matters will only harm us”

At present, the conventional desalination plans leaves higher carbon footprints and consume huge energy unlike our plant which is green in nature and preserves the environment, Krishna Prasad said.

Shehla Faizee who also accompanied Krishna Prasad chipped in to say that the technology they have developed is the future answer for the water crisis in the world.  “We have to utilize what nature has given us and sea water can be harnessed to meet the growing water requirement “

With MBA in human resource development, Shehla is currently the director of Trident controls Pvt limited & also M/s Trident Greentech Pvt Ltd. She is actively involved in captivating the company to the international level by leading the international business development department in the field of water management.

It was through Shehla effort that Trident r set an international headquarter at Geneva Switzerland which manages water management in the entire Europe.

Shehla feels that the technology developed by her mentor Krishna Prasad is an answer to water problem in the entire Middle East region. “You see that unlike in India there are no underground water table in this region so the only source of water is sea”


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