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The romantic, disheveled crown braid
December 26, 2016, 1:25 pm

Once you master this style, it is beyond impressive. The crown, or milkmaid, braid is perfect for medium-length or long hair. This hair style is best suited for curly for curly, wavy or textured hair, or locks that have seen a bit of damage from bleaching. Here are the steps for achieving the perfect halo braid.

Step 1:  Rough up your hair with a bit of texturizing spray to give it some grip and hold. If you have super-fine hair, also use some mousse. Section off the front segment of hair by making a dividing part across the top of your head from ear to ear.

Step 2: Gather the sectioned-off hair in one hand; then, starting close to your right ear, begin a reverse three-pronged braid. Cross the right strand under the middle strand, then the left under the middle one; repeat once.

Step 3: Begin cornrow braiding: Before you pass the left strand under the middle strand, use your pinkie to add some more hair to the left strand. Continue adding hair to each strand, braiding up and around the edge of your hairline, then behind your ear and across the nape of your neck, picking up the back section of your hair as you go.

Step 4: Once you have completed the crown, you might have some hair left over, depending on your length. Braid it, and then tie off with a clear elastic. Secure the end under the halo braid with a bobby pin. Don’ forget to massage the braid a flyaways and frizz give it a contemporary edge.


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