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The new academic year started splendidly in Jack and Jill, Bhavans - Mangaf
April 23, 2015, 10:10 am

On 7 April Jack and Jill, the pre-primary school celebrated school reopening day of new academic year 2015-16 in its spectacular magnitude. The day a child begins official schooling for the first time is one of the milestones of parenting. Brimming with enthusiasm, the teachers and support staff started the reopening with the tiny tots stepping into their school.

The thought of going to school can be exciting or stressful for four-year-olds and their parents.  Keeping this in mind teachers aspired to make the first day of the children happy and special. Jack and Jill organized a special assembly. Our principal Rathi Ravindran presented a nursery rhyme.  The teachers welcomed kids with an animal song which even gave a small message about love.  It gave children a positive start, and they all were cheered to see all the teachers with the animal mask singing and dancing for them.  All our teachers interacted with children as animal characters, and were happy to settle down in their classes. The next week  “colour week” was celebrated for the children.

The celebration week at kindergarten enhanced the spirit of learning in our children, and also made them feel comfortable at their new environment. The week started with 'Red' the colour of love with the children dressed in red and participating in various activities. Then, the children had great fun celebrating yellow colour day, and the little ones enjoyed their day to the fullest. Yellow colour was introduced in the classes using yellow things from the environment. This was followed by blue colour day; focusing on the theme teachers planned art and collage activities. Their art work was displayed on the soft boards. Recognition of blue colour was done with the help of blue colour objects.

Then, came the 'Green colour day' on a fun new perspective and to explore the colour of the season with children.  Students and staff came dressed in rainbow colours ready to further inspire and celebrate the events of the day. Children enjoyed these activities for the week, and were happy to learn.


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