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The golden style
December 20, 2015, 11:16 am

There are lots of glamorous ways to wear gold. With a variety of shades, styles and choices, it has become a leading trend nowadays. Here listed are a few ways you could wear gold.

Accessorize: Incorporate gold accessories in your wardrobe and experiment not only with shades but also items. For example, you can start by wearing jewelry, like fine chains or chunky bracelets with pretty, complementary stones. Belts, hair accessories, and handbags are all fantastic options as well. This will not only add a glow to your outfit but will also give you time and opportunity to experiment.

Dress up: Dressing up in a golden outfit is another way you can flaunt your gold style. Play around with some different variations and find the perfect one to compliment your hair, skin tone and eyes. For lighter look, you could try frosty champagne or be on the darker side by accepting bronze.

Eye makeup: Believe it or not, gold eye makeup is simply stunning. If you are looking for something new, but scared to try, then a touch of gold eyeliner, especially added to the inner corners on your upper and lower lids will do the job. It compliments brown, green and hazel eyes. Gold shadows are beautiful as well, especially when you choose a palette with several different shades that complement one another. A dusting of gold powder looks lovely in a day or you can go all out with a golden smoky eye for an evening out.

Gold shoes: If you are looking for stylish ways to wear gold, look no farther than your feet! Gold shoes are utterly fabulous, and they come in a variety of shades and styles. From heels to wedges to flats, they are everywhere.

Manicures:  Want a golden touch? A manicure is all you need. Gold polishes are all the rage this season and on into the next, so you can still take advantage of the trend. Try a gradient look, some innovative French tips, or an all over color for some serious dazzle. Remember, it pairs beautiful with shades of green, especially darker ones!

Hairstyle: Who says gold is only limited to fingers, clothes and shoes – try the hairstyle. This season opt for something unique and sexy, possibly some golden blonde highlights or color it full.

With so many great ways to wear gold, it is easy to find something that makes you feel gorgeous. Whether you go with subtle eye shadow, a lovely gold belt, or add some streaks to your hair, you can easily add some glowing glints to your overall appearance. If you have always been a silver girl, widen your mind and make some space in your closet, your jewelry box, or your makeup kit. You will never disappoint yourself.


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