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The chills coming soon to KidZania with the return of Winter Festival
December 14, 2017, 5:04 pm

The most awaited program of the year, Winter Festival, is finally coming to KidZania with new additions to watch out for! The program is the biggest annual program at the kid-size metropolis, which offers children an exciting and educational opportunity to gain insights about the cold climate by indulging in series of winter-inspired atmosphere.

The program will kick-off at KidZania from 14 December, 2017 and will continue until February 28, 2018. Back with a new twist, the program is set to take children on a fun winter adventure with many upgraded activities including a sculptured Ice Cave, a designated skating rink, roller slides, and many other spectaculars. With its sub-zero temperatures, the Ice Cave welcomes children to see artistically-crafted ice sculptures that spark an enchanted sensation within them.

Kids are also promised to enjoy winter-inspired street performances and daily shows featuring KidZania’s beloved characters and artistic team. While providing an opportunity to have fun, the Winter Festival is also educational at heart as it aims to teach children about the climate and winter habitats, such as penguins and polar bears, and how people live and adapt to cold climates.

With a minimal additional fee, children can get their own 'Arctic Pass' to unlock the full Winter Festival features. This includes entry to the Ice Cave, a 3D winter-decorated golf course, a winter car circuit, and free giveaways to enjoy.

KidZania’s Winter Festival is inspired by the right “to share”, one of children’s five fundamental rights at KidZania, which is entrusted by KidZania’s sociable RightZkeeper, Chika.

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