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The best haircuts for fine hair
April 28, 2014, 11:25 am

When you have fine hair, often you don’t feel very fine at all about it as it’s difficult to make it hold a style. Giving it some volume seems feat only pro stylists can achieve. But having the right cut can help immensely. Here are some tips on how to make the most of your fine hair.

A graduated bob: In a graduated bob, the front is either cut horizontally straight or on a downward slope, with the back elevated or lifted. When the hair is graduated, you are actually building up, or stacking the weight, thus, making it appear fuller. Think Katie Homes when her hair was about chin-length.

A one-length bob: This cut that never goes out of style and it not only works well for fine hair, but it’s also great as it is very low maintenance. To play it up a bit, add a fringe for interest and more density. When you layer fine hair, keep the layers very long so as to not remove much weight. Style aficionado Anna Wintour hasn’t strayed from this classic cut for years, and the always chic Alexa Chung also keeps her hair in a bob (Chung’s has some slight layers, which add softness).

A short crop: Shorter hair is stronger than longer hair so you could try a very short crop such as Charlize Theron’s latest super short crop to make your fine tresses appear thicker. Less hair in terms of length makes your fine hair appear like more hair.

Long hair, layered with blunt ends: Just because you have fine hair doesn’t mean you have to resign yourself to short cuts. The trick to fine hair is adding concave layering for movement in the hair and to keep the ends blunt to add fullness. You want to avoid over-texturizing the hair.

Naturally curly styles: If you have curly hair that’s fine, you might think this is a nightmare, but it’s almost the best texture to have since it gives your hair natural body. The key is to focus on a great cut that doesn’t over-texturize it. Style it with just a little amount of a fine hair styling cream.

Fine-hair boosting tips: Focusing conditioner from mid-shaft to ends is particularly important if you have fine hair. You don’t want the conditioner to weight down your mane.  Opt for alcohol-free and low-silicone products. Alcohol could more easily damage fine hair and silicones are heavy and can weigh your hair down so skim your shampoo and conditioner ingredients for these limp hair culprits.

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