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The best haircuts for curly hair
May 24, 2015, 12:52 pm

All you curly-haired ladies are probably approached on a regular basis about how lucky you are to have such naturally beautiful waves. Little does the world know the styling struggles that come with curly locks. The looks and hair trends that work so well for straight-haired ladies are often not a good fit for those of the wavy variety. Here are three fabulous haircuts that will work wonders for your curly manes and keep you on trend! Enjoy!

Pixie Cut:  If the thought of chopping your curly mane down to a pixie-like cut stresses you out, here are two words for you: Halle Berry. The gorgeous celeb and countless other wavy-haired divas opted for a super-short ’do, showing people just how fabulously chic curly hair can be. The beauty of the pixie is that it can work with any texture and is actually fairly easy to maintain.

When opting for the pixie, make sure the style is longer on top, to show off your texture and to allow for more styling options and freedom. Another important thing to note with super-short hairstyles is the need for styling products. Hair putty and frizz-control solutions will be your new BFFs and are non-negotiables for maintaining this style.

Lob: Yes, you can rock the latest hair trend sweeping the nation and no, your hair will not take on a weird, triangular shape. The key to perfecting the curly long bob is making the cut more angular and layered. Have the length slightly shorter in the front and longer in the back. This allows your curls to blend naturally and easily while also framing your face. This style looks great straightened or naturally curly so the styling options are endless.

Curly shag: With ’70s-inspired looks reigning supreme in the beauty and fashion worlds, a medium-length retro shag is perfect for maintaining your hair and your trendy rep. Rules of thumb for rocking the shag the right way are keeping the cut super-layered, textured (using texturizing shears) and disconnected at the ends. This look should be choppy and a bit mussed. For added cool, try throwing in some cool elongated bangs that can be swept to the side. To show off your layers and dimension, always keep texturizing spray on hand in your beauty cabinet!


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