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The best employees
June 15, 2014, 1:13 pm

There are certain kinds of employees who gather positive attention wherever they go. No matter who they work for, these employees will always be handed more opportunities and trusted with more responsibility than their counterparts. These employees posses the following qualities, these are the ones who;

Makes things happen: This employee can handle any task and gets the job done – no excuses. You don't always have to tell her how to do it, and if she doesn't know, she'll ask. But in either case, you can point her at any situation, from a budget in the red to a broken copy machine, and she'll find the tools and resources to work miracles. You often find her staying late to work through thorny problems that turned out to be more complex than they seemed at first.

Is charming company: This employee is simply a pleasure to know. He doesn't always have all the answers, and he makes his share of mistakes, but he knows how to bounce back gracefully. He's always in a good mood and his sense of humor is delightful. Everyone feels a little better when he's around for he has an easy smile and a kind word for everyone in the office,

Aims to please: He cares deeply about how he's perceived, and he has an urgent need to please and impress. If you scold him, he apologizes, and he means it. If you hand him an important responsibility, he'll act as if his life depends on it. He equates his own personal success with the success of his job, and consequently the company. His dedication is refreshing and his commitment inspires trust.

Never needs help: This employee gets things right, the first time and every time. And she does it on her own. She never seems to require a bailout, and it's amazing to watch her think on her feet. When asked for an idea, she has many ready. When presented with a puzzle, she tackles it without hesitation. Her intelligence and independence are her greatest strengths.

Will eventually run the company:  This employee cares passionately about the outcome of every decision she makes, from a simple conversation in an elevator to the way her manager's planning strategies affect the long-term financial health of the company. This employee isn't always easy to take; if her manager makes a decision that threatens the company, she won't hesitate to voice her opinion. And though she asks a lot of questions, not all of her questions are welcome, but as long as she works here, she'll put this company, its customers and its employees first every time.

She will stand firm even if it means challenging her manager, protecting those beneath her from unfair treatment or blowing the whistle on a bad decision. Weak managers dread her footsteps, but great ones know that she has the company's best interests in mind, and they treat her like the true asset she is.


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