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The Viking Club organizes year end fun run
December 9, 2013, 12:39 pm

The Viking Club of the Radisson Blu Hotel held its annual year end fun run with good number of participants. The event, which marked the end of the fitness center’s yearly activities attracted members of the club, invited guests, friends and foreign organizations. Nine winners on different categories emerged from the run.

The event kicked off with runners registering in the reception of the health club and later transported to the assembly area in Messilah. Viking Club Fitness instructors Ricky with Lena and guest instructor Mynnah heated the cold morning with a power-packed ten minutes warm-up followed by runners converging in the starting line.

John Britto with eleven minutes and eighteen seconds, Mynnah Anna Bernardo Dy with thirteen minutes and fifty seven seconds and Radan Dimitrov with thirteen minutes and twenty one seconds took the first place in the women, men and children categories followed by Cristian Craita with eleven minutes and twenty eight seconds, Susan Abu Asba with fourteen minutes and fifty eight seconds and William Lesson with fourteen minutes and fifty seconds bagged the second place. John Lambert, Dana Al-Fakir and Adam Dabet placed third in the competition. Results of the run were tabulated by Florin Monoranu and still photos were provided by Dunja Radojcic. The Morning Talk news, Arab Times, Kuwait Times and The Times provided coverage of the event.

The run ended in the pool bar restaurant of the health club and sumptuous breakfast was served prepared especially by the Executive Chef David Harnois and his team. Prizes compliments of the hotel and Kuwait Diplomat Web Portal were awarded to the winners by the General Manager of the hotel Philippe Pelaud and Director of recreations Ivan Tsenkov.

In brief interviews with the winners, Crita said that training is essential to a good run and that first time runners should not give up and once it becomes part of their system it becomes addictive. Bernardo Dy said that she runs for herself and wants to prove that she can make it. Proper sleep, diet and determination always bring about good results. As for Dimitrov, he said that initially he did not want to run but later decided to join. It was his first time and never believed he will emerged winner in his category. Dimitrov added that pumping iron in the gym is not all about fitness but cardio exercise is vital to good health.

“We are very pleased with a huge turnout of runners this time of the year and considering the cold weather. I extend my gratitude to Ricky for his usual fun warm-up and prizes donated from his Kuwait Diplomat website, our supportive members, guests and friends, members of the local media and foreign sports organizations who took time to us to mark our health club’s annual year end event. We hope to see them all again next year,” ended Tsenkov.

- Ricky Laxa
Staff Writer

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