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The Tea Leaf
August 8, 2015, 10:27 am

At the Tea Leaf, tea is a passion and lifestyle. From China to Japan, the ranges of tea at the store are freshly harvested across different provinces, ensuring that the process remains as authentic, handmade and spiritual as the historic story of the tea leaves.

Cuisine: Refreshing cups of soothing aromatic chrysanthemum tea, a variety of highest grades of Chinese and Japanese teas remain on offer at incredibly reasonable prices. The store also features a wide range of hard-to-find ingredients like quinoa, oat-bran, and pumpkin seeds seasoned with green tea, seaweed leaves like Nori, and others.

Must try: Scented chrysanthemum tea, known to refresh the senses and revitalize the body │ Deeper and earthier Pu’er or Dark tea that helps in enhancing circulation and aids in the digestion of food and lowering blood cholesterol levels.

Value addition: You can purchase the loose tealeaves to be used in pots, or applied in reusable sachets that help you experience these fine teas even while you are busy at the office. Once your craving is satiated, you can also refer to The Tea Leaf boutique for all your organic shopping needs.

Ambience: Established in 2009, this tea boutique resonates with an ambience of serenity and comfort.

Service: Entering a relaxing hall, a tea-expert not only settles you in, but also guides through the seasonal teas as well as invites you to admire the true flavors of teas.

Where: Mezzanine floor, Tala Center, Salmiya

Contact: 25730773, 60739039 │

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