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The Spice Club
June 15, 2015, 1:45 pm

The Spice Club is all about savoring a unique Indian, especially North-Indian, culinary experience. Its concept represents Indian hospitality with its versatile menus and authentic taste, which can be enjoyed by a multi-cultural society.

The contemporary Indian restaurant, serving authentic North-Indian cuisine, is the brainchild of Rajnish Chadha, franchisor of The Spice Club. Introducing the restaurant to Kuwait, in 2009, he brought in carefully selected chef’s, from the northern regions of India, to provide delectable dishes which are prepared in a cooking style from Delhi, the capital of India. The restaurant is a long-standing addition to seven other food concepts of Blends, a division of Al Essa International Group. 

Cuisine: A delectable gourmet journey, of a course-by-course meal, lies in the menu, which consists of a variety of non-vegetarian and vegetarian kebabs, delicately marinated with Indian spices, prepared a la minute, served hot, straight from the 'clay ovens'; assorted breads, lentil preparations, varieties of biriyani and desserts.

The selection of fresh ingredients, assorted spices, and a combination of several such spices produce its special Garam Masala –a 'house secret', which is used to bring out authentic Indian tastes, enhance aromas, colors and tastes, all representing the art of Indian food in a simple presentation.

Must try: Lassi –creamy, thick and sweet buttermilk, in North Indian style | Kebab Ki Mandi – an assorted flavorsome platter of chicken, lamb, seafood and seekh kebabs cooked in tandoor | Butter chicken in a fresh tomato-gravy | Rogan josh –lamb preparation in an earthy, spicy curry | Lamb or Chicken Biryanis | Dal Makhani (a popular lentil preparation cooked in a tomato based gravy with butter and fresh cream) | A variety of crispy Indian breads, baked freshly in tandoor.

Ambience: Right from the vintage-styled menu, to the warm epicurean ambience, The Spice Club accommodates food-lovers in a cozy place. Choose one of the tables at its balcony-style arrangements, to feel like a part of the mall. Alternatively, for a total restaurant experience, its inner area is welcoming with its warm yellow lights.

Service and value for money: Be served by a friendly and experienced staff for a reasonably fair value for money.

Location: 360 Mall - level one, next to Zahr Allaymon, opposite Signor Sasi

Contact: 25309512


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