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The Seminar That Changed Our Outlook
October 19, 2014, 11:15 am

Little did we know as we entered the school auditorium on October 14 that what we would experience over the next two hours would significantly transform our perceptions. Dr Babu Rangarajan, the renowned child psychologist, left an indelible impression on us, in his address on how we can enhance our worth in this world.

Dr Rangarajan commenced the riveting session by narrating the episode in his life which was a turning point for him. When he was in the doldrums of his career, he happened to converse with an esteemed personality, whose precious advice to him was that he had to be a lump of sugar in this globe of ants. Only then would he be highly sought after. In other words, we should furbish ourselves- expand our knowledge, hone our skills, and groom our attitudes- in order to be truly successful.

Dr Rangarajan’s illustration of the adage, “winners take extra pain even when it hurts” left us determined to follow the example of Muhammad Ali, the legendary boxer. Muhammad Ali was a person who would not cease practising his techniques until every ounce of his energy had been expended. He always stepped out of his comfort zone. We, in fact, realized what precluded us from excelling in our academics were our own laziness and lack of interest in studies. Fortunately, the remedies of these “illnesses” exist.

To begin with, we should keep our goals in lucid perspective. Having a fixed objective gives us a cause to work for and prevents us from wavering in our resolutions. Passion should always be a natural part of what we do.

Mastery of our psychology- or emotions- is highly essential. Constructive interpretation is necessary to reassess our negative feelings like fear and anger, and channel them into beneficial thoughts. For example, one will be mocked countless times in his life; but a successful leader is one who takes criticisms positively. Confidence springs out of “self dialogues”.

Dr Rangarajan concluded the session by demonstrating that what ultimately determines our merits is what is inside us, not what we deck ourselves with on the outside. To emerge victorious, we have to expand our horizons. I believe each one of us that day resolved to keep in mind these invaluable words of advice for the years to come.

                                                                                                                                       Mitoshi Nandi
                                                                                                                                                          Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan

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