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The Scientific Center Kuwait
February 24, 2016, 5:33 pm

Located along the seafront in Salmiya, The Scientific Center Kuwait (TSCK) houses an Aquarium, the Discovery Place and an IMAX theater. Dedicated to the citizens and visitors of Kuwait in 2000 by the late Amir Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, the Center provides an immersive and interactive educational experience to visitors of all ages.

In 1992, while overseeing the board meeting of the Kuwait Foundation for Advancement of Sciences, the late Amir expressed his desire to establish a Scientific Center to highlight Kuwait’s advances in science and draw focus on the country’s pioneering role in protecting the environment and biosphere in the Arabian Peninsula.

The Aquarium, the largest in the Middle-East is designed to display existing and extinct aquatic animals and their habitats, offering visitors the opportunity to experience three distinct environmental zones of the desert, coast, and sea. The Discovery Place engages young people in the world of science by promoting the scientific spirit that encourages the young to observe, explore, question and discover something new every time they visit.
The IMAX Theatre, one of the finest in the region, transforms the viewing experience of any 3D educational movie or documentary into an exciting real life event. A giant 300 square meter screen equipped with the latest media facilities and an 8,000 watt sound system provides a truly immersive experience.

Besides its entertainment and educative aspects, the Center also has a cultural dimension to it. The ceramic floors inside the building contain Islamic art patterns and the walls reveal traditional weaving designs along with depictions that narrate the history of Kuwait. Blending with the surrounding sand and contrasting with the blue waters beyond, the iconic building is spread across 80,000 square meters of land.

The Center with its architecture, its mud-colored walls and canopy of sail-like structures, reflect Kuwait’s early mud houses, its traditional occupations of fishing, pearl-diving and is reminiscent of the country’s rich maritime past. As if to underline this link to the past, the dhow harbor, located on the seafront of the Center, houses the ‘Fateh Al-Khair, the last surviving dhow of the pre-oil era.

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