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The Recipe
November 12, 2018, 11:06 am

A restaurant that offers a variety of fast food, including delectable Tapas like Shrimp Nests, as well as Taiwanese Taco and Beef Tacos. Additionally, they provide top-notch delightful finger foods such as Nachos 7, Potato Cheese Ball, Olive Pebbles and Zucchini Chips. Among the pizza offerings are the familiar cast of Quattro Pizza, Margarita Pizza, and Pepperoni Pizza but made from select ingredients. Sliders at The Recipe are cooked to perfection, and explode with flavor with each bite.

The main course menu includes highlights such as Rosy Risotto, Grilled Salmon, and Medallion Steak. To wash it all down, pick from their well-curated list of Fresh Juices and Mocktails.

Popular dish: The Medallion Steak

Location: Located at Arraya Mall. Call: 22997717

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