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The PSL Group 2nd Edition Cricket Team Meeting
August 29, 2015, 4:13 pm

On August 27, 2015, officials and captains from different cricketing clubs attended a meeting to hear the terms & conditions and complete the draws for the upcoming 2nd Edition of PSL Cricket league at Kuwait Continental Hotel. Boom Boom PSL Cricket league offers the first of its kind tournament Season 2 in Kuwait with the help of great sponsorship and support. With the great achievement of edition 1, edition 2 offers great prizes for individual players as well as winning teams. The division based cricket aims to serve all the best clubs of Kuwait from 6 different nations.

Highlights and more Information & Prizes for the Tournaments of the Day are as follows:
- Man of the Match Shield for every league match.
- Winner 500 $ and Winning Trophy with a small Trophy for 16 players.
- Runner-up 200 $ and Runner’s-up Trophy with a small Trophy for 16 players.
- 3rd Position 50 $ and Trophy, 4th Position Trophy.
- Man of the Tournament Single Ticket from Kuwait to His Country.
- Man of the Final - 32 Inch LED.
- Man of the Semi Final - Shield & Blender.
- Fastest 100 in an inning - 15 Inch Laptop.
- Best bowler Trophy & Blender.
- 2nd & 3rd Best bowler Shoes.
- Best batsman Trophy & personal Bat.
- 2nd & 3rd Best batsman Batting Gloves.
- Best Wicket keeper Best batsman- Keeping Gloves.
- Best Fielder Trophy.
- Most Six & Most Fours in the Tournament - Blanket & cash prize of 25 KD
- Five 6’s or Four Wickets in an Over 10 KD.
- Individual Top Scorer & Top Wicket taker in an Inning - Microwave Oven.
- Water & Ice will be provided for each Team during all matches.
- Soft drinks for Knock out matches and special chana poori with refreshments for finalist teams and audience.

Report stills Coverage of the PSL Group 2nd Edition by VOOP Media

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