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The Love for Three Oranges
April 11, 2018, 4:39 pm

Zany Italian comedy with witches, kings, and three GIANT oranges.

The Love for Three Oranges, an updated rendition of a Commedia Dell’Arte play written by the renowned playwright Carlo Gozzi. Acted by AUK students, and directed by Assistant Professor of Drama, Yassi Jahanmir, The Love for Three Oranges send witches, kings, giants, and clowns on an epic quest for three glorious oranges—oranges that contain a spectacular surprise. The Love for Three Oranges is a silly, dramatic, and family-friendly show that will run from April 18-21, 2018 in AUK’s Black Box Theater.

Time and Date:18 April at 2pm and 7pm;
                          19 and 20 April at 7pm;
                           21 April at 3pm

Location: Black Box Theater, AUK Campus

Price: KD 5 for general admission and KD 3 for children

Show Synopsis: The play opens with the King frantically worrying that his sickly son won’t be able to take over the throne, leaving it open to his evil niece. “Laughter is the best medicine in this case,” and hooray, a single laugh cures the prince’s illness. Unfortunately, the prince laughed at the wrong person, a wicked and powerful witch, who puts a spell on him: he will become obsessed with three oranges. The Prince and his trusted clown take an epic journey through the desert, meeting devils and giants, to find these glorious oranges—which end up not being oranges at all! The play is a zany romp with a happy ending that will surely bring a laugh to any audience member.

Commedia Dell’Arte, a traditional Italian comic style with playful physicality, silly jokes, and recognizable characters, continues to have an influence on our modern-day comedy. In the show, you will see characters that remind you of your favorite sitcom characters. Commedia Dell’Arte as a form also encourages improvisation. In this version, AUK students had free range to add their own creative spin on the play.

Director Biography: Yassi is an Assistant Professor of Drama at the American University of Kuwait and has directed, choreographed, acted, stage managed and performed as a professional synchronized swimmer in NYC, California, and Arizona. Some favorite directing projects include West Side Story, Three Sisters Who Are Not Sisters, Come and Go, Venus and The Servant of Two Masters. She holds a PhD in Theater and Performance Studies from the University of California, Santa Barbara.


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