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The Gym team Zumba classes resume at Radisson Blu Hotel
July 18, 2016, 3:03 pm

Zumba classes resumed Friday morning at Chai Al Dhaha of Radisson Blu Hotel with an impressive lineup of trainers and mentors. The Gym Team, which postponed all classes in observance of the Holy Month of Ramadan, featured top trainers and announced its forthcoming projects for the last quarter of the year.

The hour and half class kicked off with one of the mentors announcing the projects. ZIN Sofie Omar of Boxhill College though unprepared managed to put together steps and routines and came up with a fun warm-up using the popular tune used on Trumpet Challenge. Popular and sought after trainer and choreographer ZIN Janice Capili of Pilates and More delivered sets of creative routines to the delight of the crowd and was immediately followed by ZIN Jamie Red of Rush Gym heating up the stage with classic and contemporary Zumba moves.

Group photos followed immediately and the group delivered a brief closing message via the Morning Talk News, a social media based news server. “There is a significant number of new attendees and this is important because many are starting to realize the importance of being healthy and the benefits of exercising, we expect a bigger crowd this coming Friday” stated mentor Capili. Romero further commented “I love the energy of the Filipinos and their enthusiasm for music and art; it shows all over their characters, they keep smiling. Local and Arab attendees are somehow inspired with this and keep them coming to the classes and I am one of them”.

Ambassador of Philippine Zumba ZIN Blanche Bravo of Holiday Inn led the crowd to a fusion of traditional Indian and belly dance music through the latest Zumba dance modules. Newest addition to the lineup of mentors of Gym Team was Alexander Romero of Viking Club Radisson Blu Hotel from Colombia, who ended the class with his sets of Zumba music and moves.

The Gym Team also announced that they will take active participation in the event of Couples for Christ by leading its members to an hour of Zumba and Latin music and routines. The group also added that a ‘Global Zumba’ Workout will be staged on the last week of August at the grand ballroom of the Radisson Blu Hotel, and proceeds will be donated to support the group’s advocacy in the Philippines that will include medical and feeding program missions.

“We thank Radisson Blu Hotel for continuously rendering its support to our advocacies and in particular Mrs. Ida Pellaud, spouse of the General Manager for mentoring the group. To the tireless dedication of fitness mentors and trainers who render their services free of charge and to everyone who is a part of this advocacy and the members of the Philippine and local media who with their gracious and generous publicities made our projects  successful, we thank them all,” stated mentor Bravo.

By Ricky Laxa
Staff Writer


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