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The Gym Team organizes non-instructors Interval Training workout
April 4, 2015, 10:00 am

The Gym Team, a fitness mentoring group, held its third non-instructors half-day “Interval Program” lecture and workout at the Failaka Hall of the Radisson Blu Hotel Friday morning. The event was participated by forty five non-fitness instructors and three certified and qualified presenters Bullet Manliclic, Jannet Diokno and Lyle Colina.

Early registration commenced the event and immediately followed by a brief orientation detailing definitions of interval training, its importance, and risk and provided suggestions on how to create personal interval workouts based on physical, mental and emotional capacity of an individual. A fitness trainer from Flex Executive Lyle Colina kicked off the workout with a Latino routine warm-up and alternately with Stretch Gym fitness trainer Jannet Diokno.

In between Zumba routines, Rush Gym fitness trainer Bullet Manliclic presented modified cross-fit workouts with hand held weights combined with crunches, squats and lunges. Participants prior to the workout were advised to go at their own pace as they tackle the hour and half program.

“It was tough but educational and a remarkable experience to be a part of such program, I urge others to try this type of fitness regimen to benefit from and see results at the end”, commented Kuwaiti participant from Pilates and More Gym Maali Al-Dhubaib.

Similarly, Mariam Al-Khodour, another Kuwait participant to the workout stated that she found the workout interesting due to constant changes every five minutes kept her looking forward to the next segment. She also said that such workout is not only beneficial but not boring unlike other workouts that stick to patterns.

Clients from Strecth Gym Heba Emad Al-Shistar, Noor Al-Huda Faisal Faisali, Menh Mostfa Mohammed and Sarah Khaled Abo Dyak who took the frontline of the workout were amazed as to how varied interval workouts can be and that not many types of equipment were required to execute each workout.

“We are so thrilled to take part as this program provides us our very fist certificates on fitness and we will attend the succeeding workouts in the future by the Gym Team”, commented Noor.

Presentors of the Interval Workout Manliclic, Colina and Diokno were awarded by members of the board with certificates of appreciation for their generous and outstanding performance and presentations.

Several instructors from different gyms also turned up to the event to show their support to the participants. Highlight of the event as the much awaited awarding of certificates to the participants who completed workout.

Members of the Gym Team Board; Blanche Bravo- Zumba, Janice Capili- Pilates and Sam Malit-Les Mills were called on stage to award and congratulate each participant as they receive their certificates of participation to the event. Sponsor of the event, Pag-Ibig Representative Fun Mac Khalil extended his congratulations to the each participant and urged all Filipinos who attended the event to find out more about the benefits and privileges of OFWs available at Pag-Ibig Fund.

The Gym Team also thanked the health club management of Radisson Blu Hotel for their support to the project. The Gym Team also thank Michelle Fe Santiago of ABS CBN and The Arab Times, Ben Garcia of Kuwait Times and Philippine Panorama, Vangie Gernale of The Filipino Magazine and The Morning Talk for their generous coverage of the event.

By Ricky Laxa

Staff Writer

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