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The Gym Team organizes Zumba seminar for full house crowd
August 28, 2016, 12:42 pm

Four remarkable certified fitness trainers took the stage Friday morning at Chai Al Dhaha Ballet studio of Radisson Blu Hotel and led a full house class to an hour and half of pure energy and fun. Pag Ibig Fund and Seba Med representatives graced the occasion and distributed products and information to members.

Karen Joson, Nimfa Gacer and Mynnah Dy of Champions Health Club, Stella Munch of Mabroor Gym and Donnalyn Ilagan of Steam Gym were the main presenters during the class. Gem Pangan, a relatively new personal trainer, delivered a brief warm up followed by Ilagan with five sets of Zumba routines. “It is a great day to start Friday morning with so much fun and pure passion being with such group of wonderful people who have one common goal, which is to spend an hour and half to remind themselves on the importance being fit and healthy while working abroad,” commented Ilagan.

Joson, an impressive trainer and dancer delivered a power packed workout. “Her charisma on stage is infectious and the way she executes her routines are just admirable, I just hope she returns to teach again,” commented nurse, Elizabeth Santos.

Munch on the other hand, known for her funny and entertaining moves left everyone amused yet worked out along with her Latin grooves. “The class every Friday is a showcase of different styles and get everyone attending although some have their favorites. Gacer is definitely an inspiration to everyone, she possesses this energy which keep everyone on their toes,” added Admin Assistant Bing Omar.  Dy took the last portion of the workout with a heartwarming song leading everyone to cool down after a tough workout. All presenters joined in on stage and received applause from the crowd.

Seba Med products were distributed to everyone and Pag Ibig Fund sponsored the light snacks and water after the workout. Max Restaurant and Bahay Kubo are expected to distribute loyalty cards and snacks after the class next Friday. The date for the global Zumba has not been selected and venue in the hotel has not been confirmed, but the announcement will be made at the earliest. The Gym Team also announced its newest social media page. Follow their activities and announcement on Instagram: thegymteamkuwait and Facebook: The Gym Team.

- Ricky Laxa
Staff writer


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