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The Gym Team members applaud Tabata and Zumba workouts
April 11, 2016, 1:08 pm

Members of the Gym Team spent an hour one of fitness workouts approach called Tabata, a power packed workout involving core muscles and upper body strengthening. Filipino instructors, Stella Munch, Sofie Omar, Donnalyn Ilagan and Melrose Antonio filled the hour and half with series of routines intended to develop cardio vascular and weight reduction.

The full hour and half class started with Antonio’s floor aerobic workout followed by four Zumba routines from Ilagan. “The passion and interest from the members are inspirational, you can see from their faces how much they want to achieve from the class and benefit health wise from them,” commented Ilagan. 

Another set of Zumba rendered by Omar followed to the delight of the participants. Munhc on the other hand perked the class with basic Tabata routines that included punches, kicks, torso twists and light cardio. “Tabata is an amazing class, although many would identify the routines with kickboxing or cardio boxing but the techniques and approach actually differ aside from the music,” added Munch. Few more routines from Omar and Ilagan followed and the class ended with a great cool down.

“People should try this combination of workout a fun Zumba and power packed Tabata. It provides fantastic results and na immediate difference in your core muscles” added Munch Organizer of the class announced also that the following Friday class will be special as the Zumba class will revert to the decades of 70’s and 80’s music with ten instructors on stage alternately giving the routines. “This is definitely a fun workout and will bring back so many memories and we are sure it will inspire them to get involved more in fitness, afterall we are OFWS and we hardly could not find time to look into our health although this is essential,” ended Antonio.

By Ricky Laxa
Staff Writer

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