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The Gym Team kicks off New Year with high intensity Interval and Zumba
January 10, 2016, 10:40 am

The Gym Team resumed its weekly classes Friday Morning at the Chai Al Dhaha Ballet Studio of the Viking Club with an hour and half of pure floor cardio workout fused with Zumba. Instructors, Blanche Bravo, Philippine Ambassadress of Zumba in Kuwait and Communication Associate and Fitness Instructor of Viking Club Ricky Laxa delivered a fun and tough workout combining floor aerobics with weights resistance and most popular cardio workout Zumba routines.

“The combination of these workouts is almost similar to an interval training, which is very beneficial for people who prefer mix of low and high impact workouts. It provides both muscles and heart the benefit is should get every time they exercise,” said Melrose Antonio, a supervisor at Flex Health Club for women. Jamie Red, another instructor from Rush Gym added that such workout provide variety to participants who choose not to follow patterns in their workouts that further cause boredom and loose interest in their daily routines. To add, Stretch Gym trainer Ga See Marie stated that interval workout boosts up metabolism, build lean muscles and keep the body burning calories up to forty eight hours after workout.

The first part of the workout was introduced by Laxa with progressive routines from an easy to follow warm up to a high impact floor cardio paired with weights for fat burning and toning of muscles, combinations of abdominals and pushups further added to the intensity of the exercise. Bravo took over after half an hour and delivered sets of Zumba dance exercise routines. Popular tunes kept everyone on their toes.

A Filipina Kuwaiti newly certified ZIN trainer May Salmeen took the stage and led the participants to a four minutes Zumba routine. Laxa wrapped up the workout with an informative and easy to follow abdominal workout and ended the exercise with a therapeutic back workout. Announcements were also read out at the end of the class; a fitness master class will be organized on the 5 February from 9-12 at the Failaka Hall of the Radisson Blu Hotel with in-house trainers for contemporary hiphop and cross fit.

By Ricky Laxa
Staff Writer


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