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The Gym Team holds Jumping and Flowin group class
July 7, 2015, 4:18 pm

The Gym Team in cooperation with Pilates and More Gym held an hour and half workout featuring power packed ‘Jumping’ paired with broad lower body workout ‘Flowin’ Friday morning at the Pilates and More Gym located at the mezzanine floor of Emall in Hawally. Twenty five participants both instructors and non instructors attended the so called event and led by four highly competitive and certified fitness trainers.

The event kicked off with a brief introduction by the main organizer and founder of the Gym Team followed by safety instructions delivered by trainers Janice Capili and Marissa Tambis. The warm-up segment composed of low impact routines on specially made trampolines and later progressed to set of advanced moves on increased music tempo. A brief combination of abdominal workout and stretching ended the first segment. A short break followed after the workout. Instructors Martisa Vendiola, Roxanne Samiana and Olivia Ledesma gave short information of Flowin, its benefits and effects in toning the lower body.

Certificates of participation were awarded to attendees by the trainers. “We congratulate those who came to participate in the event and thank the Gym Team for spearheading the project. I also thank the trainers for having shown tremendous enthusiasm sharing the expertise to the attendees. We make sure that Pilates and More Gym provide only the best services relating to fitness and health,” commented Operations Manager of Pilates and More Aneta Pietruzak.

Flowin is one single exercise that activates several muscle groups, rendering functional strength training. The set-up with pads allows exercises to be performed with different points of support, such as elbows and knees or hands and feet. By using different points of support and adjusting the workout according to ability, which enables everyone to reach maximum results, regardless of age or training background. On the same set-up static stabilization of specific joints while training, and consequently vary activated muscles, from dynamic (mover) to synergistic (assisting) to static (stabilizing). Jumping Improves cardiovascular health, Increased leg strength and perceived as easier than traditional aerobic activities.

Pilates and More also announced that Philippines top fitness instructress and pioneer Vivian Zapanta  will hold Stott Pilates training class and certifications for their gym instructors in coming month.

- Ricky Laxa
Staff Writer

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