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The Gym Team collaborates projects with ZPavanoo
December 3, 2016, 4:46 pm

The Gym Team in collaboration with ZPavanoo Zumba group held a nonstop two-hour Cardio workout and Zumba on Friday morning at the main court of Qadsia Gym and Sports Complex in Hawally. The two prominent Zumba groups in Kuwait showcased ten different instructors from both groups featuring varied steps and routines from Latin beats to contemporary rhythms.

The event kicked off with brief remarks from the head instructor of ZPavanoo Sarah Dacara who welcomed the Gym Team members and trainers. Ricky Laxa of Viking Club of Radisson Blu Hotel spearheaded the warm up followed by ZIN Zara, ZIN Bebez and ZIN Khleyr of Z Pavanoo. The other half of the workout was led by ZIN Sofie, ZIN Janice, and ZIN Blanche of the Gym Team.

Both teams also announced the possibility of merging into one Zumba group and find an adequate place to accommodate its huge numbers of members and followers who attend its weekly classes. Announcements will be made soon. A collaboration charity project will also be held on the 23 December at Qadsia main court. '70’s Christmas' will feature 10 different instructors will lead Zumba choreographies to the music of the 70’s and recommends use of green and red colors to celebrate the festive hues of the season. A charity box will be available during the day which will collect used and new blankets and bed sheets which will be donated to the Filipinos and other nationals who are currently in jail. A potluck get together was also suggested.

Blanche Bravo, one of the Gym Team’s coordinators expressed her gratitude to ZPavanoo for its generous invitations to have the instructors be a part of its weekly event and in turn the organizer of Z Pavanoo Edelyn Lucban thanked The Gym Team for its collaboration with the group and expressed hope that a merger between two groups will happen soon.

The Z Pavanoo holds classes every Friday at Qadsia Main basketball court every Friday from 8 am till 10 am and The Gym Team conducts its Zumba classes at the Chai Al Dhaha Ballet Hall of the Radisson Blu hotel every Friday from 8 am till 9:30 am and is under the patronage of Ida Pellaud.

 - Ricky Laxa
Staff Writer

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