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The Gym Team celebrates birthday of mentor, spends hour in tough class
October 4, 2015, 11:40 am

The Gym Team celebrated one of its mentors birthday after its hour and half tough and sweaty cardio Zumba class Friday morning at its home base Chai al Dhaha Ballroom of the Radisson Blu Hotel. Celebrant Mrs. Ida Pelaud, wife of the General Manager of the hotel and fitness enthusiast expressed gratitude to the Filipino group for a heartwarming welcome to the community. The team also spent an hour and half in a tough and sweaty workout with five instructors leading the class.

The morning kicked off with a floor cardio warm up led by its team leader Ricky, followed by a power packed basic kickboxing workout by Stella Munch of Al Mabroor Gym. Munch, a remarkable instructor powered with passion to share her knowledge and expertise in the field, delivered a half hour of kicks and punches of full body workout. ZIN Nymfa Gasser of Champions Health Club marked her class with another half hour of high energy Zumba routines. The crowd cheered after every routine Gasser delivered. 

Two guests’ instructors were requested to perform a routine each. ZIN Janice Capili, noted choreographer, dancer and certified group and personal trainer also popular for her style, led the group to an extended version of a popular Zumba song. The crowd cheered as Lebanese fitness trainer and Zumba instructor ZIN Helen Rahi took the stage. Rahi ,noted for her expressive and entertaining style of teaching Zumba, directed the participants in another remarkable routine. The class culminated with a cool down from Ricky asking the crowd to sing along to a popular Filipino song 'Hawak Kamay'.

“Today’s class was tough and participants were undeniably with full of energy as they followed through the routines. The enthusiasm and passion are just remarkable. As an instructor, it inspires us to mentor better and encourages us to deliver our classes the way they will always remember. Redundancy of instructors on stage and routines not only limit the participants’ appreciation of the workout but does not allow them to grow and experience other fields of fitness,”  stated Blanche Bravo, a member of the board of The Gym Team.

The Gym Team instructors also organize classes at the Indonesian Embassy every Friday and have been requested to open the Malaysian Embassy Sports Day on the 10October. More requests have been forwarded to the team to lead other embassy Zumba classes in coming months. 

The event culminated with a birthday song of the celebrant Mrs. Pelaud. In return she expressed her gratitude in the brief speech she made to everyone. The Gym Team will also collaborate with The Fitness Professionals and Body Builders Committee in its upcoming 'Hiphop' Masterclass at the Failaka Hall of The Radisson Blu Hotel on the 16 October. For details fo the event, you may check the group’s Facebook Account.

By Ricky Laxa
Staff Writer

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