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The Gym Team announces Zumba master class for a cause
May 15, 2016, 10:13 am

Organizers of The Gym Team announced that a Zumba master class will take center stage on 27 May at Failaka Hall of Radisson Blu to help raise funds for the Philippine Assistant to the Nationals Unit shelter in Hateen, to donate cribs for newly born babies currently housed in the shelter.

The class is held under the patronage of Ida Pellaud, spouse of the General Manager of Radisson Blu Kuwait, Philippe Pellaud and will feature four Filipino Zumba instructors: Blanche Bravo of Holiday Inn Hotel , Stella Munch of Mabroor Gym, Janice Capili of Pilates and More and Helen Rahi of Marina Hotel, and a guest trainer from Colombia, Alexander Romero.

Registration will commence at 8:30am followed by a brief introduction. Warm up will be led by Ricky Laxa, Fitness instructor Communication Associate of Viking Club Radisson Blu Hotel. The two hour class is divided into three parts. Each Filipino presenter is expected to deliver three Zumba numbers and the other half of the class will feature Romero on stage. 

Ricky Laxa

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