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The Great Indian Wedding
September 13, 2014, 5:47 pm

The General Manager of Movenpick Hotel in Kuwait, Hassan Hassanein spoke with The Times Kuwait on the success of the ‘India Wedding Festival’, which was recently launched at the hotel.

Movenpick Hotel, the international upscale hotel, launched in August its ‘Indian Wedding Festival’ for the vast Indian Community in Kuwait. Receiving an overwhelming response from the community, wedding plans are already being rolled out for many couples and families who chose to wed in the vibrant Indian style in Kuwait during October and in the months ahead.

“A magical Indian wedding awaits the couple if they choose to celebrate the most unforgettable day of their life, here with us,” says Mr. Hassanein on the concept launched by Movenpick. Big fat Indian weddings are no games; however, the GM came off quiet confident to the challenges and chaos that an Indian wedding creates. Movenpick Hotel’s promotion was conceptualized after two months of market research. “We studied the market carefully and we found out that the Indian community is the number one expat community in Kuwait that holds and organizes wedding events. So we began with the Indian community. A number of confirmed Indian weddings are lined up with us already. Interestingly, since then, we have been receiving Filipinos, Egyptians and others too for wedding concepts. So, the whole idea has woven up into a broader open-ended concept for weddings,” says Mr. Hassanein who has adapted positively to these requests and is looking to offer best suitable promotions to all of them. Elaborating on why he specifically chose the Indian Wedding as a concept, the GM explained, “The Indian community is the most vibrant expat community in the Gulf and in Kuwait. They dominate the expat population and have made this country their home. They also celebrate weddings here, so no doubt we want them to use our facilities.”

“Their total population in the Gulf is about seven million – in Kuwait alone they are about 700,000, the largest expat population here, and obviously a huge market of its own,” added Mr. Hassanein. Speaking about room occupancy in Kuwait, the GM added, “For the past one year, hotel rooms in Kuwait have been growing rapidly – a growth of approximately 16 percent in room supplies, but the growth of hotel guests recorded only a four percent increase. There is really a slight concern when it comes to this because there are also more hotel openings in the coming months or so.”

Nonetheless, Movenpick has come up with innovative ideas and the ‘Indian Wedding Festival’ has been quite successful in luring customers with its special offers. A five-star hotel in the middle of the Free Trade Zone in Shuwaikh, Movenpick promises memorable and hassle-free wedding arrangements for those planning a wonderful wedding.

“Our wedding packages are very attractive and are offered at affordable prices. Packages start from KD 6 per head and go up to KD 15 per head. We visited the Embassy of India, churches and the meeting halls of the Indian community here in Kuwait to encourage them to use our wedding packages,” said the GM. The offers include authentic Indian cuisines, a two-night stay in their ‘honeymoon suite’ and another free stay and dinner on their first anniversary. Their guests will also have some surprises which the hotel will prepare for them, including discount vouchers at their restaurants. Wedding packages also include breakfast in bed for newlyweds, welcome cocktails for all their guests, wedding cakes and photography and video services. “At our hotel, couples don’t have to worry what needs to be done – we promise that it will be hassle-free. We just want them to come and enjoy their most memorable day in life,” added Mr. Hassanein.

With vast experience in the hotel and hospitality industry, Mr. Hassanein moved to Movenpick Hotel in Kuwait from the Movenpick in Makkah, Saudi Arabia. “The Hotels in Saudi have a regular flow of international visitors, but in Kuwait, we have to rely only on the local and expatriate communities. Since Kuwait is not a tourism hub, we certainly need the support of the government to come up with activities that cater to international guests, like conventions and other large gatherings,” he suggested.

Nonetheless, the hotel has been successful with its effective marketing strategies at maintaining the loyalty of a large customer base. Some of the unique ideas of the hotel that keeps people coming back for more include, ‘Spend KD 55 and have a free night stay’ which also goes the other way round, ‘Stay for the night and have a free meal at Movenpick’. Movenpick Kuwait is the hotel of choice for many discerning travelers as it conveniently located and has easy access to the airport, seaport and the country’s business center.

One of the finest hotels in Kuwait, Movenpick has a huge extended customer base who are looking forward to everything the hotel has planned for the upcoming Eid Festival in October. During Eid Al Adha enjoy your residence in fully renewed rooms amid a familial ambiance. In addition to various famous restaurants options, where you can experience the tastiest worldwide dishes prepared by expert chefs, enjoy a minimum of 3 nights at any double room starting KD 75 including breakfast in Bays restaurant.

Staff Writer - Ghazal Praveen 

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