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The Embassy of The Republic of Korea to organize 9th Korea-Arab Friendship Caravan
October 17, 2016, 10:33 am

The Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Kuwait will be organizing the Korean cultural event in corporation with the National Council for Culture, Arts and Letters on 22 October at the Abdulhussain Abdulredha Theater in Salmiya at 8pm

Admissions to the event are free of cost.

The event will include the following teams:

Name of the Team: Gyeonggi Provincial Dance Company

This dance company was founded in 1993 to develop excellence and originality from the Korean traditional dances and to promote them overseas. Under Kim Jung-hak, the art director, the company conducts more than 150 performances per year in domestic and abroad including the Arab world, Australia, Canada, China, Japan Mexico, Spain, UK and USA, on the basis of developing traditional choreography and creating unique contemporary dance routines.

The performances under Gyeonggi Provincial Dance Company will include:

Samulnori (Ensemble of four percussions): A very dynamic musical piece played by four kinds of percussions, drums and Korean traditional gongs named as Kkwaenggrwari and Jing.

Buchae-Chum (Fan dance): The most representative of Korean dances, Buchae-chum involves a group of dancers who create beautiful choreography with hand-held flower fans.

Jindo Buk-Chum (Jindo Drum Dance): Jindo Buk-chum is originally part of a drum dance in Jindo Province. Unlike other regions in Korea, Jindo Province uses both sides of the drum, which enhances the effect of expressing delicate melodies and rhythms.

Yangmyeon Tal-Chum (Double faced Mask Dance): A double faced mask dance consists of an interesting love story that has sudden changes in dance routines in comical choreography. Dancers wear a double faced mask that has a woman’s face on front and a man’s face at the back.

Janggu-chum (Hourglass drum dance): Janggu-chum is a rhythmic piece, where female dancers play various beats with the Janggu(traditional Korean drum) while tiptoeing and jumping across the stage in unique dance steps.

Nongak-Mu: The origin of Nongak-mu can be traced back as a type of community game or play in farming communities that gathered together to add some fun and muster strong spirit to their work through music.

B-Boy Performance

Name of the team: Expression Crew

Appearing in Marionette, Expression Crew is the first Asian team to win the highly recognized international ‘Battle of the Year’ dance competition, the ‘World Cup of B-Boy Dancing,’ in Germany in 2002.

They will be performing ‘Marionette’, which is a hip-hop-inspired dance performance that takes in the concept of a marionette show, producing creative dance choreography to tell a story. Recreated as a b-boy musical show by Expression Crew, the original Marionette show comes from the European ‘Marionette’ puppetry, which features wooden puppets suspended by thin wires from the ceiling and controlled by their puppet master. The resulting b-boy dance performance is a spectacle not seen before or was even ever thought of as possible.

Two very different genres, b-boy dance and puppet show, with different looks and emotion are brought together to be reborn through Expression Crew’s inspiring motions and gestures. This performance showcases a beautiful stage as a series of scenes are portrayed in a harmony of powerful and lyrical dance moves with dreamlike music.

Advanced b-boy dance skills are expressed in an emotional and disciplined way to allow audience members to feel a mixed feeling of sorrow, anger, and joy. They feel united as they are emotionally moved to cry and laugh together.

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