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The Chicken Curry Project book launch attracts celebrities
February 19, 2017, 11:54 am

Shireen Passi Chopra, a budding author launched her new book titled, ‘The Chicken Curry Project’ on 11 February at the Corinthian Club and Resort in NIBM annexe in Pune, India. The celebrity guest for the red carpet event was Ms. Denise O’Brien, a renowned Hollywood film producer and international publicist.

The event witnessed a large gathering of prominent people and renowned members of the media. Through her own experiences and the amusing events that unfolded as her mother hunted all over the world to find ‘Mr. Right’ for her, Shireen’s book, ‘The Chicken Curry Project’ describes the strange and comical process that parents in India undertake to find life partners for their sons and daughters.

Denise, who was also the official hostess of the event, was excited about the book and found it extremely entertaining. She is keen to adapt the book into a romantic comedy movie in the near future.

Shireen’s new book is already growing in popularity among readers and gaining good reviews. Kim Conrad, an award winning author from US, says, “’The Chicken Curry Project’ is a delightful and eye-opening book about all the many escapades that go on to make sure parents’ beloved children are married to the ‘right’ person! A fun and charming read.”

Jigna Shah, celebrity fashion designer, says, “The Chicken Curry Project is extremely funny and entertaining. The main characters and their amusing experiences are very descriptive. This book has the necessary ‘chicken curry masala’ to be made into a movie.”

Sumana Mukherjee, Indian documentary filmmaker, says, “I loved the book! The Chicken Curry Project is a must read for every youth irrespective of gender. It shows the true hypocritical social norm that is fulfilled in a very light and subtle way. Love the approach of Shireen as a writer.”

Punam Kashyup, Director of Education, Delhi Public School World Foundation, says, “The Chicken Curry Project deserves kudos...praise...accolades for its lucid, flowing style, inimitable approach and genuineness. It has been written with purity and passion providing very interesting reading....has all ingredients of an enjoyable book...humor, wit, vivid portrayal of incidents...and quite an eye-opener for many.”

The Chicken Curry Project is available on Amazon (Kindle) currently. For hard copies of the book, kindly contact : 66733927.

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