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The Body Shop reveals great gifts for Ramadan
June 26, 2014, 2:58 pm

Indulge your loved ones with luxurious gifts at this special time. Step into The Body Shop to enter a wonderful world of joyful giving.

Discover a world of sumptuous gift sets, many of which have been specially created for this festive time of year. Elegantly packaged, they’re brimming with exquisite fragrances, gorgeous body care goodies and must-have makeup. Each beautiful gift set will be cherished by friends and family.

Be inspired by the world: Capturing the beauty of the planet, many of The Body Shop fine fragrances will transport your senses to a distant place. From the mesmerising allure of India to the tranquillity of an English garden, you can give a whole world of delight in a gift.

Bring joy to the world: Giving a gift from The Body Shop helps to spread joy near and far. All the special-edition gift sets boast of high-quality Community Fair Trade ingredients that have been ethically sourced from marginalised communities across the world. So by pampering the precious people in your life, you’re also helping to enrich the lives of others.

Also, The Body Shop fragrances contain Community Fair Trade organic essence of sugarcane from Ecuador. This is sourced from CADO, a co-operative of over 200 smallholder family farmers. The Body Shop trade helps to give members a steady income, making it easier for them to pay for essentials like food, health and education.


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