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The Body Shop presents strawberry and chocolate scented gifts to pick from
February 6, 2014, 4:46 pm
Say it with Chocolate or Strawberry!

It’s that time of year once again; when everyone has the perfect opportunity to let the special people in their lives know how deeply they care about them. The Body Shop offers an array of beautiful pre-made gifts from the best selling products; or the flexibility of getting the products packaged in-store by the experts, choosing from The Body Shop luxurious wrapping paper, tissue paper, gift bags and boxes.

The sweet and fruity Strawberry range is totally irresistible. It smells like juicy, just-picked strawberries and is the perfect gift. The collection has body butter, shower gel, body lotion, home fragrance oil, body mist, eau de toilette, lip gloss, beautifying oil and soap, everything one would need to complete a beauty routine.

As well, the decadently Chocolate range is pure indulgence. The secret lies in lashings of shea and cocoa butter and 11 other feel good Community Fair Trade ingredients. Providing 24 hour hydration is the Chocomania body butter and also available in the range are shower cream, eau de toilette, body mist, body scrub, beautifying oil, soap and lip butter.

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