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The Body Shop launches the BEE-EAUTIFUL Honeymania Range
October 2, 2013, 12:43 pm

The Body Shop has recently launched Honeymania, a new collection of ultra indulgent bath & body treats enriched with nourishing and fragrant wild honey.

Prized for its deliciously sweet taste and aroma, honey is also a natural moisturiser known for its ability to soften and smooth skin. Coming from the Ethiopian rainforest through the Community Fair Trade programme, this natural goodness is drizzled into The Body Shop’s delectable Honeymania products so you can sink sumptuous moisture into your skin. The Honeymania bath & body collection includes lip balm, eau de toilette, soap bar, body butter, shower gel and body scrub. 

“The Honeymania range of pampering products with a natural array of golden honey colors and lavish textures never feels sticky. In fact, our customers will experience the bliss of 24 hour luscious moisture from our body butter that melts straight into skin,” said Brett Lilley, Business Manager at The Body Shop.

“The honey selected for use in our products is of the highest quality - in fact it’s good enough to eat! It’s sold by high-end brands as table honey,” he added.

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