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The Body Shop launches “Recycle and Be Rewarded” campaign
July 22, 2014, 12:03 pm

In an effort to promote the value of recycling in Kuwait, The Body Shop has launched a monthlong campaign titled “Recycle and Be Rewarded.”  

The recycling drive that started July 2 is being carried out in collaboration with Metal and Recycling Company (MRC).  Customers are encouraged to bring back any The Body Shop product (plastic or glass) to any of our stores and drop it in the boxes provided. These products will then be collected by MRC and recycled at their plant.

For the first two weeks of the drive, the customer takes home a 60 ml Strawberry shower gel for every product returned, and for the last 2 weeks, the customer will get a KD1 voucher redeemable at any The Body Shop store.

Protecting the planet is even more important today than it was in 1976, when The Body Shop first published its five core values.  The Body Shop takes full responsibility for the way the business is run and it is using its global network to help change attitudes around the world.

The Body Shop hopes to build on positive efforts already being made by its suppliers, franchisees, colleagues and customers to spread the culture of recycling in the whole Middle East and North Africa region.

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