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The Body Shop introduces the new Wild Argan Oil bath and body care range
October 1, 2014, 11:12 am

The Body Shop, with its 38-year history in developing naturally inspired skincare, has created an extensive Wild Argan Oil bath and body care range. Sourced from the remote Atlas Mountains of Northern Morocco, this “Queen of Oils” boasts superior skin-nourishing qualities. Traditionally used by Moroccan women for their weekly hammam rituals, the nine-product range includes indulgent multi-purpose radiant oil, unique luxuriant solid oil, body butter, lip butter, hair butter, shower gel, bubbling bath, body lotion and body scrub.

Carefully hand-picked and hand-cracked by the local Berber women, only the best quality nuts are then used to create the new Wild Argan Oil bath and body care range for The Body Shop. Rich in linoleic acid (Omega 6) – and natural tocopherols, for centuries the Argan oil has been used by the local Berber women to shield and nourish their skin and hair from the fierce Saharan sun and winds.

The nourishing properties of the Argan oil go more than skin deep – this precious oil also enriches the lives of hundreds of local Berber women. Through its famous Community Fair Trade program, The Body Shop works in close partnership with Targanine, a local co-operative created by the Berber women. This partnership helps provide the local women with a fair and regular income, aiding them in raising their living standards and increasing their independence.

The co-operative invests in projects such as school rooms for children and adult learning, and doctor visits. At The Body Shop, beauty always comes with a heart. Use our new Wild Argan Oil bath and body care range not just for soft and radiant skin but also for a heart that believes in giving back to the world.

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