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The 9th Korea-Arab Friendship Caravan regales audience
November 12, 2016, 5:01 pm

The Korea embassy in cooperation with the National Council for Culture, Arts & Letters (NCCAL) hosted the 9th Korea-Arab Friendship Caravan at Abdul Hussain Abdulredha, Salmiya, on Saturday, 22 October.

The 9th Korea-Arab Friendship Caravan is a cultural delegation that showcases the wonderful aspects of Korean performance culture overseas. It is part of the embassy’s efforts to enhance and enrich cultural understanding between Korea and Kuwait.

The show featured ‘The Gyeonnggi Provincial’, a lively band that performed well-known traditional Korean dances such as the Samul Nori (ensemble of four percussions), Buchae-Chum (fan dance), Jindo Buk-Chum (jindo drum dance) and Yangmyeon Tal-Chum (double-faced mask dance). The next segment, The B-Boy troupe, was a hip-hop-inspired dance performance that narrated a story, titled ‘Marionette’.


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