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The 6abebat features inspirational women in annual bazaar
March 8, 2015, 12:11 pm

The Kuwait Women Doctors Group ‘6abebat’, an independent volunteer nonprofit society for Kuwaiti women doctors and healthcare professionals in Kuwait, held their annual bazaar on Saturday, 7 March, 2015 at Bayt Lothan to honor International Women’s Day. The bazaar aimed to encourage healthcare businesses and other women professionals who maintain businesses in Kuwait.

Dr. Naela Al-Mazeedi, the cofounder of 6abebat, spoke with The Times Kuwait on the special significance of the bazaar, “This event is important because women give so much to the world and they need to be appreciated, and people need to show them that their work matters. We have a good mix of women professionals in different specialties speaking at the event.”

During the event many accomplished women spoke on topics that were relevant to the large crowd of families present on the occasion. Representatives from the Kuwait Moms Guide and Little Moms Group both spoke on Motherhood in Kuwait whilst the Kuwait Child Rights Society (KCRS) gave a talk on child welfare.

The major draw of the day was ‘The White Circle’ segment where prominent inspirational women were given a platform to speak on their areas of expertise. The distinguished speakers, who have made a significant difference in Kuwait and wished to share their knowledge, spoke in detail about their experience.

The guest speaker-list included among others, Dr. Kefaya Abdulmalek, Head of Anasthesia & Critical Care Department of Al Amiri Hospital; Eng. Sarah Akbar, CEO of Kuwait Energy Company and Lulwa Saleh Al Mulla, Head of Kuwait’s Women’s Cultural and Social Society. Highly renowned healthcare brands like Fawzia Sultan Rehabilitation Institute and others exhibited their quality products and discussed their top healthcare services. Also at the event was an art gallery showcasing some interesting artwork by Artist Bader Al-Mutawa, whose paintings followed the theme of International Women's Day. And at the goodwill corner, nonprofit organizations talked to the public about their work. The Thalassemia Awareness booth educated visitors on the inherited blood disorder that is a problem in Kuwait and the region.

The colorful event featured booths selling a variety of products from clothes and jewelry to skin and healthcare products, as well as hospital equipment. The Cherish gift shop offered visitors a free rose to brighten up their day and displayed beautifully embossed stationery.

Designer stores like Mantilla Scarf with its gorgeous collection and other well-known brands were part of the bazaar. From sparkling jewelry in various colors and designs to fashionable clothes, women could find anything to suit their tastes. Open to visitors was an assortment of brands selling their individual style of healthy, gourmet, Kuwaiti style and homemade bites. 

By Christina Pinto
Staff Writer

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