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The 2017 IKEA Catalogue inspires us to unfollow expectations
August 31, 2016, 1:20 pm

IKEA, the world’s leading home furnishings retailer, organized an exclusive event to launch the new IKEA 2017 Catalogue, under the theme of celebrating individuality, which is at the core of their new collection. The event held on 31 August at the IKEA Showroom, The Avenues, gave visitors a sneak peek into their latest collection. The 2017 IKEA Catalogue is full of new and well-designed home furnishing products to inspire and make your home life more beautiful. This year’s catalogue encourages us all to let go of big expectations in and around the kitchen. It’s about throwing out the rules and recipes and following your own path.

Our meals have migrated – from the dining table to the sofa, floor and desk. These days, a meal with friends or family doesn’t have to happen around a perfectly set table. And it doesn’t even have to include chairs. The days of “have to” are over. Go ahead and eat around a coffee table. Sit on the sofa. Or the floor. Because it doesn’t really matter where we eat – just that we are together. 

For the first time ever, the IKEA catalogue features 13 stories, taking the reader on a journey to homes around the world. The purpose is to show inspiring examples of how IKEA connects to different people in different cultures and how understanding their needs and dreams help us design and make better products and solutions.

IKEA designs for people. That is why this year’s catalogue cover says “Designed for people, not consumers”. By this we mean making products and solutions with someone in mind, not just things without a purpose.

The 2017 IKEA Catalogue, distributed to over 420,000 homes in Kuwait, spans over 324 pages and will be printed in 211,000,000 FSC certified copies, translated into 34 languages and distributed in 49 countries.

In addition to the printed catalogue, this year we have a totally redesigned and really inspiring IKEA Catalogue app that is available for smartphones, tablets, desktops, laptops and last but not least – the latest generation of Apple TV. With its digital catalogue it offers more than 3 hours of moving and interactive content, like easy to navigate guide films and co-workers sharing tips and ideas. With its virtual reality 360 degree room views and augmented reality feature you can virtually try out IKEA products in your home.

More information, images and film material can be found at

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