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The 11th Korea-Arab Friendship Caravan 2018
October 16, 2018, 5:18 pm

The Embassy of the Republic of Korea in cooperation with the National Council for Culture/ Arts and Letters will be holding the 11th Korea-Arab Friendship Caravan featuring Korean Cultural Performances on Saturday, 20 October, 2018, at 7pm at Abdulhussain Abdulredha Theater, Salmiya.

The program 

1. Korean Traditional Dance (40 mins)

2. B-Boy & Marionette performance (40 mins)

Please come along and enjoy an evening of traditional and contemporary Korean music and dances.


• Admission is FREE.
• Limited seating available on a first-come, first-served basis.
• All are welcomed but children below 8 years not permitted.
• For inquiries and to RSVP please call 25378621/2/3/4/5 
Traditional Korean Music & Dance

Gugak, which means Korean classical music, has been continuously conveyed over generations and traces of the history and culture of Korea. The National Gugak Center, established in 1951, is the headquarters of the traditional Korean performing arts that has carried over a thousand years of tradition and history. It has contributed to preserving and promoting not only ancient royal court music and colourful dances, but also the newly composed musical works of modem times.
In 2004, the Center opened regional branches which includes the Jindo National Gugak Center in Jindo Island. Th is special region of Korea is blessed with its natural beauty and the rich traditional culture, and music is the most precious treasure among all. Jindo is the home of well-known Jindo Arirang folk song, Ganggangsullae (circle dance for ladies) and Jindo Buk (drum) dance, not to mention all the great masters of singers and musicians. Under this natural and cultural abundancy, Jindo National Gugak Center continually carries out the diverse endeavor, especially in music with its resident groups such as the Vocal Group, Instrumental Group, and Dance Company in order to preserve and pass on Gugak, the Korean traditional music and dance.
B-boy Performance

Marionette is a hip-hop-inspired dance performance that takes the concept of a marionette show, producing a creative dance choreography to tell a story. Recreated as a b-boy musical show by Expression Crew, the original Marionette show comes from the European 'Marionette' puppetry, which features wooden puppets suspended by thin wires from the ceiling and controlled by their puppet master. This creative b-boy dance performance will provide you an unforgettable experience. Two very different genres, b-boy dance and puppet show, with different emotions are combined together to be recreated by Expression Crew's inspiring motions and gestures. This performance showcases a beautiful stage with a series of scenes that are portrayed in a harmony of powerful and lyrical dance moves with dreamlike music. Advanced b-boy dance skills are expressed in an emotional and creative ways to allow audience to feel a mixed feeling of sorrow, anger, and joy. Expression Crew, appearing in Marionette won many international champions and is the first ever Asian team to win the 'Battle of the Year" dance competition in the World Cup of B-boy Dancing' in Germany and appeared in various TV shows and commercials in Korea.
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